Angel Melgoza, CFP

About MyLife Financial

MyLife Financial is a location-independent, fee-only financial planning firm helping individuals and families navigate through some of life's major financial decisions. MyLife Financial helps translate the complexities of financial planning strategies into plain English and simple solutions.

My approach to financial planning and investment management is simple. All decisions are focused on Your life. Your core values, financial goals, and family dynamic serve as a guide in the development of your financial plan. All financial plans are unique to each client and serve as a road map to making the best financial decisions suitable for them.

I also take pride in understanding that one person cannot be an expert at everything so MyLife Financial takes a collaborative approach in finding experts to work with our clients or collaborates with our clients' existing team of experts.


Our mission is to empower, inspire and nurture individuals’ lives through our financial planning process. We understand that every major life event has rippling effects on our clients, their families, and their financial lives. We just want to help piece it all together. 

A Little About Me

My name is Angel Melgoza and that lovely lady to the left is my wife, Valerie. We met at Texas Tech University where I pursued my Masters in Personal Financial Planning. After becoming the first person in my family to graduate from college and going through my own series of financial misfortunes, I became passionate about life planning and helping others achieve their goals via financial planning.

My journey to help people achieve financial success led me to pursue degrees in Finance, Financial Planning and Charitable Financial Planning. I am proud to say that becoming a Certified Financial Planner™ has been one of the most rewarding professional and educational experiences in my life.  


Prior to becoming a solo practitioner, I held several positions throughout my financial planning career which allowed me to help multiple individuals and families achieve financial success by providing clarity in their next major financial decisions. In my years of experience, I formed a belief that everyone has their own set of personal circumstances and not every financial decision is driven by the numbers.

When I'm not trying to educate people on the benefits of financial planning through my blog, podcasts, and sketches, I'm a full-time Husband, Dad, and Dog dad. I enjoy exercising, spending time with the family, and learning something new. Currently, I'm learning to play the acoustic guitar. I hope to one day play well enough to impress my friends and family. 

Angel Melgoza, Certified Financial Planner™, MyLife Financial, LLC
Angel Melgoza , MyLife Financial

Who I Serve 

My clients can be described as busy professionals. They range from mid-career professionals to pre-retirees and are typically self-employed individuals, healthcare professionals, and micro-business owners with 1-10 employees. My clients come to me thinking about more than the present. The general focus of my service is on how their decisions today will affect their "bottom-line" tomorrow.


As a general rule, I like to educate my clients about the good, the bad, and the ugly of pending financial decisions so they can make an informed one. That being said, since I am primarily virtual, my service is the best fit for clients who are a little tech-savvy too.