MyLife Financial clients can be described as busy professionals. They range from mid-career professionals to pre-retirees and are typically self-employed individuals, physicians & healthcare professionals, and micro-business owners with 1-10 employees. Our clients come to us thinking about more than the present. The general focus of our service is on how our clients' decisions today will affect their "bottom-line" tomorrow.


As a general rule, we like to educate our clients about the good, the bad, and the ugly of pending financial decisions so they can make an informed one. That being said, since we are primarily a virtual financial advisor, our service is the best fit for clients who are a little tech-savvy too. 

Meet Our Clients


The Healthcare Professional

The journey to be a healthcare professional is not an easy one. You've spent more than the traditional amount of time in school with little guidance on topics of personal finance. While "spending less than you earn" is the general concept, your situation is unique and complex with student loans, a higher income, taxes, and new business opportunities presented to you frequently. With a very busy schedule, you need someone that can help you make heads or tails of it all in a convenient and effective manner.


The 1st Gen College Graduate

You and your family have sacrificed so much to get to this point in your life. You are the successful son or daughter that your family has always imagined you to be and have entered into unchartered territory, financial success. There are so many questions you have because "no one ever taught me" how to save or invest. There are still so many questions you have like "how do you help the people that have helped you along the way?" With so many unknowns, you need someone that has been there before and let you know you are not alone.

Remote Working

The Self-Employed 

Self-employment brings about the greatest and worst feelings all in one day. You are willing to take a risk and travel a road less traveled by others, however, you know you're not an expert at everything. Your business has finally matured to where you have questions about tax planning, investing in other things outside of your business, and how to balance your money and life.  With so much flexibility comes uncertainty. You need someone to help you be efficient with your finances and hold you accountable in separating business and personal finances.