Money and Life: How To Become a Better Saver

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On this episode of Money & Life, I discuss how to change your mindset and become a better saver. I talk about some of the things that helped me change my mindset and how to go about creating your own spending plan. Listen in to this short episode of Money & Life: How To Become a Better Saver.


Hi Everyone and welcome to Episode 7 of Money & Life. I am your host Angel Melgoza. Thank you all for pressing play in between your favorite college footbal game and today’s topic of discussion is how to get better at saving. No better time to cover that than on the weekend when you may want to splurge on a little extra something for yourself.

So on to the topic of discussion…

Discussion Points

  • It does not happen overnight

  • The average American has $33,766 in their bank account; this number is severely skewed by high income earners.

  • What do you value in life?

  • Figuring out what you value in life is half the battle when it comes to saving.

  • Saving is more about a mindset and action than just planning.

  • Create a spending plan around what is important to you.

  • The best spending plans are the ones you stick to.

  • Eventually after feeling fulfilled with short-term goals and expenditures, your mindset will switch to long-term saving!


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