From Marketing & Sales to Nutritional Therapist

Melissa Guana, Nutritional Therapy Services, Small Business Big Dreams, RGV Financial Planner


Ep.1: Melissa Gauna of Nutritional Therapy Services


On this episode, I spoke to Melissa Gauna of Nutritional Therapy Services. She has a very interesting story about how she got into nutritional therapy. Some entrepreneurs go into their respective business because they have a background in it or because it's been a passion of theirs for a while. Melissa became a nutritional therapist out of personal need. She worked in marketing and sales and saw that her health was deteriorating and decided to do something about it. Melissa discovered holistic nutrition which helped her change her eating habits to help overcome her personal health issues.

We speak about the importance of eating healthy, her journey to being her own boss, and her marketing efforts.

Want to know more about Nutritional Therapy Services? You can contact Melissa at:

Website: Nutritional Therapy Services

Facebook: Nutritional Therapy Services


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