Why You Need, When You Need, and When to Update Your Estate Plan

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On this episode of Money & Life, I tackle the questions: When do you need, Why do you need, and When to update your estate plan?

I brought on a special guest, Tomas M. Flores of the Lara Law Firm who specializes in wills, probates, and estates to answer these tough questions and give us his input on the practical uses of having an estate plan.

Most of us think to ourselves, "If I plan for my death, I'm going to die." Or, "My family gets along just fine, I don't need an estate plan." It's been my personal experience that these things should always be written down to avoid any bad blood between family in the event of your passing.

Take a listen to my latest show, skip around, and most importantly if you have questions, you can contact Tommy by phone or e-mail:


Tomas M. Flores

Attorney at Law Offices of Aurelio Leo Lara


(956) 630-2999


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